Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cycle Day 11

Oh my today was full of needles, I gave myself my morning shot which was normal but this afternoon DH and I decided to get acupuncture. Well maybe I decided and he went along to please me. I have read a lot of positive things about doing the acupuncture with IVF. I figure it couldn't hurt maybe help a little. I am going to go back within 24hrs after implantation to help them stick LOL. I just hope this gives us something positive. I would like to see DH count around 3-5 million so we wont have to have the ICSI done. So then spending $120 will actually save us $900. Either way a little positive thinking can't hurt either. I had 20 needles placed. 2 in each ear, 1 in between my eyes, 1 in each hand, 1 in each elbow crook, 3 in my belly, 3 in my lower leg, and 1 on the top of each foot! DH had 15 needles. He didn't seem to affected by it. A few years ago this wouldn't be even an option in DH eyes. Not really the Eastern medicine believer. Now I think he is willing to try almost anything to achieve a baby. Well tomorrow morning we have another US to let us know how these follies have progressed! Hopefully we will know when I will have to give myself the HCG shot to trigger the release for the extraction. Oh and also maybe have a picture or two of my follies!

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