Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009 Hello 2010

Is it bad to be grateful for a year to be over. I am ready for 2010 to start. 2009 ended with Lupron arriving and us being medically cleared by Walter Reed I never knew Lupron was a shot. Hmm nice surprise. Not that I had a horrible year just a handful of let downs. I am not excited for DH to deploy sometime this year but that is what comes with our life. I am very lucky to have love and support of my friends and family. I hope that 2010 brings happiness, health, and lots of baby dust.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well there is nothing like being home for Christmas. I love the snow, the food, the Family. Christmas Eve for us is not big but tradition to be at one of my Mom's brothers or Sister's homes. This year it is at my Aunt's I made a hot Chicken dip. Well we are in the middle of getting beautiful white Christmas. This is a picture of my parents home. Have a Wonderful Holidays!
Merry Christmas! Sarah

Monday, December 14, 2009

About to start christmas

Our Christmas last for 2 weeks always a week with Dh family and a week with mine. WOW I can't imagine all the presents and food that the next 2 weeks will be filled with. I hope to not gain any weight during the season. Oh well diets can start next year. Being on the synthroid doesn't make me feel any different and I am so glad for that. Agggg how I will miss my bed.
Have I ever told you I hate packing? I really do. I ALWAYS forget something, a few times it is socks for DH, other times it has been toothbrushes, hairbrushes, underwear for DH... I never forget my stuff as I do the packing.
So I am not excited to be starting my Birth Control some time this week. Remembering 2 pills every morning is not my cup of tea but it is a start to the cycle starting. Whoo Hoo
Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My new background

So I was reading Suzy's blog and loved her background so I checked out where she got it from and just fell in love with all the templates. So please go check out Template-Mama !

I am calmer now

I love my old RE's office. I wish we could afford to do the IVF threw them and not have to go to Walter Reed. So the Dr at WR called in a prescription for synthroid my TSH is at a 2.91 and they want it below a 2.5 for the mental health of the baby. That is what they say. So this is my last afternoon of being a substitute parent DH and I have been watching 3 of our favorite kids. they are 18 months, 3 and 6... It is always a big does of reality especially the night before last when the littles were up at 2, 230, and 4... It was like the start of my bad day yesterday. As I said I am calmer now and feeling more together in my head. Being with them makes the yurn to be a parent even stronger. So sorry if my feelings yesterday were strong it was one of those bad days!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Furious!

I am ready to be done with it all... Last night's bad sleep, went in to bad test results, went in to me having to get on ANOTHER medicine I don't want to get on and not being able to see the dr to get on the medicine, because seeing an Endocrinologist is one of the hardest dr's to try and see. Why can't my PCM just perscribe me the
darn synthroid.
This day just can't get worse. I have cried and screamed and I just want to cry and scream some more!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


WOW you guys like me you really like me! As I have hit 2000 hits since I starting blogging in AUG!
I don't know which one of you were 2000 but if you know I would like to thank you personally sorry to not have a prize!

Packing and Laundry 2.... the sad episode

So Walter Reed wasn't anything amazing for us as we have heard all the IVF steps talk before. They just need my most recent PAP and a Dr writing off that my BMI is below 40 and then we are in ( oh yeah and paying them) and I will start BC on my next period! WOO HOO ... well that lasted about 45 min as we were on our way back to my SIL home we got the call that DH Grandma(Mom's Mom) had passed away. She had been in the Hospital since Friday with an infection in her lungs and I guess it was just her time. 4 years ago we were in this same situation as my DH Grandpa (dad's dad) had passed and as we went to Mississippi for the funeral we found out my Aunt passed at the same time my MIL was in the hospital sick from a diabetic episode. It was a VERY BAD MONTH! So off we go again leaving for Mississippi.
I am just wanting a week of sleeping in my own bed. Sunday we start taking care of my friends 3 little ones so they can go enjoy a romantic get away to a beautiful Cabin! He was deployed for 6 months so they deserve this time together.
So I need to go to bed as I have a ton to do tomorrow... Thanks for being there!

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