Friday, October 23, 2009

Visiting Bobby

So we got in to SC today and I was able to be with Kendra and Bobby from 9 till 1am when he finally fell asleep. His sleep clock is flip flopped and you can tell he gets so bothered with the other monitors in the PICU beeping. I brought him some cars and a sticker book things to keep a 2yr old busy but not too busy!
This is me and Goldie riding in the car. They are such great road dogs!


  1. It really was a great visit. He kept calling me sar ( like saw) i don't know why the other rah never came out. LOL I am loving how great my cell phone takes pictures. Thanks for the compliments

  2. Here for Bingo. What a beautiful smile you have. I hope your bff's son is doing well and that he heals fast.

  3. Thank you. He is doing very well even got out of bed and played.

  4. I hope he is doing well. He is such a cutie!


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