Thursday, November 4, 2010

He has arrived!

Well Mr. DC is here! He arrived at 3:52am on Oct 24th. He was 8lbs 20.5 inches.
I went in to labor at 3pm Sat Oct 23 contractions got to 3 mins apart at 5pm so we headed to the Hospital just to be sent home at 7 since I was only to 1cm and no change. The next 3 hours were horrible and headed back at 10pm. I was to 3cm and 90% effaced. Had an epidural by 11pm and soon after was at 5cm and they broke my water. At about 2am I was at 7cm. At 2:30am his heart rate had started to drop with the contraction so I signed paper work to approve a c-section if it didn't change , they applied internal monitors. At 3:15ish his heart rate dropped all the way to 60bpm so they ended up doing an emergency c-section and was born at 3:52am... Oh BTW I was 9cm dilated at this point too!
He is our perfect little boy!

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