Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lazy Sunday

So today was enjoyable. I watched football baked a Pineapple Up-Side Down cake and a Sprite Pound cake for my DH (which I under baked). That is his favorite. Now for some chicken on the grill since it was 92 degrees here today and some more football tonight.

Well I had gotten what you had just read written when my husband noticed our Goldie had been whining tonight. Especially when she was going to lay down. So we realized her hip was really sore and decided to take her to the Vet ER. Well she has Hip Dysplasia. They aren't sure if it is over time or she injured it today but she got a cortisone shot and a some pain killers. We will be taking her back in next week to have it rechecked. So our lazy Sunday turned in to an worry some Sunday!

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  1. Lazy sundays are nice sometimes. I hope your Goldie gets better.

    BTW, I signed up to follow your blog. Good luck with everything!


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