Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sprinklers and TV

Such a simple wonderful thing built in sprinklers are. Well at 5am when they go off and drive my dog bonkers so she barks and barks and barks because in her mind she is protecting us they are not so wonderful. The new home we live in has this system that confuses the crap out of me so we haven't set it for a new time I wish we could just not water the lawn with this system but the home owner requests that we do it twice a week. So I guess I will try to program the system I can not take the barking any more, 5am is not my favorite time of the day!

I am a total TV junkie! I love to watch so many different shows that sometimes I have to watch them on the internet because my DVR can only record 2 at a time. Thursday night has to rank as the highest night for TV right now. My #1 show of the week is GLEE. I have watched every episode so far twice I love the singing and the jokes it is my happy pill! If your reading this I would love to know you not miss show of the week.

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