Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Chili Sunday

Well it was chilly for Florida and I made Chili so I that is my Sunday in a nutshell. Oh I also watched football all day! Go Packers (
and Brett Farve LOL) ! He is a crazy old man still great at playing football. Oh and he is the QB of my Fantasy Football Team! It got to a balmy 68 today. I love Fall! I have high hopes not to see 90 until June. But then again I live in Florida so 90 might be here tomorrow.
My BFF's son is having open heart surgery on Wednesday because of Atrial Septal Defect. He is 26 months old and such an amazing little boy who has no idea he has a broken heart that needs to be fixed so that he can really be perfect. I can not imagine the worry she is feeling. I know I will be worrying and praying for them till I can see them on Thursday. I was there for almost every Tuesday for the first year of his life so the last 13 months, and only seeing him once, has been hard. He has a very special place in my heart!

FYI: DH and I have decided we are going to wait until after the the first of the year to try IVF. The next few months are full of holidays and stuff. LOL So I believe a little bit more time will be the best. We will start with a fresh year and a fresh out look on our life.


  1. I totally think I'd make the same decision (to wait to start IVF till January)- a close friend of mine who miscarried her IVF baby always tells me that the emotional cost of IVF is just as much as the financial cost- and I think it'd be almost impossible to carry that during the holidays. Will be praying for peace for you!

  2. Thank you. The IVF is so stressful i think waiting till 2010 will be good for us even though I had high hopes for 2009.


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