Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cycle Day 10

Well I had my US this morning. I have two good sized follies one 15 on the right and one 12 on the left and still a dozen under 10 between them. I started my Ganirelix this morning. It is made to stop the big follies from releasing and help the littles catch up! I have my next US Friday morning. At least these morning US are quick and no waiting!
I tried to get a pictured of my ovaries to show you what they look like but the DR forgot to actually take the pictures. They promised me that I can have them for Friday. Well I guess 2 good sized follies are better then nothing. I feel like my ovaries are trying to explode in my belly. I could not imagine to be going they a traditional IVF where they have like 12-15 big follies.
I am going to continue to have hope for more big follies I would like to have 6 big follies by the end of the week! Please keep my follies in your thoughts!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cycle Day 9

Well giving myself a shot last night wasn't to bad. The needle didn't hurt but it did burn afterwards. I did become super emotional and had a night full of crying but it is a better morning. I am very lucky to have the husband I do. He knows how to make me feel loved. I need to go get some more liquid B12 and Folic Acid drops. I am so bad about taking pills that it is very easy to take these. Then this afternoon we are both getting Acupuncture done. I have heard very good things about combining it with the IVF. It wont hurt to try (well maybe a little). Then at 9 it will be giving myself a shot again. Tomorrow morning I have another US and DH is going with me. I am very glad not to be working right now. I don't think I would be able to handle it all. I feel very blessed ti have such a wonderful husband!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cycle Day 8

Well I had my US this morning. I had 2 good sized follicles and a dozen little ones. So i start the injectable tonight at 9. I am hoping some of these littles turn in to bigger ones! So it has already been an exciting morning.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cycle Day 7

OMG what a day filled with hot flashes. The clomid always does this to me. I was in Publix and it felt like 100 degrees in there. Today was a good day filled with Football, Burgers, and Beans! Tomorrow morning I get an US to see where I am at before starting the Follitisum. I talked to my MIL tonight about where she gives herself her insulin shot because it is the same kind of medicine pen I will have. I am nervous about how the next stage of medicine will make me feel. I try not to think about the fears and concentrate on the hopes. There is a lot of both bottled up inside of me!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cycle Day 6

Well it was my 4th day on clomid. I got a little bit of the "bitchies" tonight but nothing to bad! The DH and I went bowling, we took my friends 2 sons to give her a break she is a SAHM and her DH is overseas. They are fun to be around being 2 and 6. Well that is all for today! Tomorrow is football and we love us some football. LOL Take care and good night

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cycle Day 5

I really did not sleep well last night. I am not sure if it was the clomid but I am taking some Tylenol PM tonight. Hopefully the weekend will go fast (who wishes for that?) so we can get to the Monday morning appointment. Well that is all for today. Pretty boring but I made myself a goal to blog everyday even if it is not much!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cycle Day 4

Today was a normal day. No side effects of the clomid. I am making Chicken and Potato stew with biscuits for dinner. I want chocolate but that is I think normal period cravings. LOL
IT was strange to get a call today to confirm my Monday appointment. Oh well I guess that is how they work!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cycle Day 3

So wonderful to sleep in after a long emotional day yesterday was. Today was just one of those normal days in life. Had to go to CVS, had BBQ Pork Chops on the grill with red beans and rice for dinner, and now enjoying some new TV. I love fall when the TV shows all come back on. I am loving the show GLEE soo funny and I love the music! Well I took my 100mg of clomid with a bottle of water all I remember from last year and taking it was getting the hot flashes and I don't remember if i took it in the evening or not. We will see how emotional I might be tomorrow. I think I might go buy some new towels.

Cycle Day 2

Well this morning started at 6am (9/22) and it is now 1am(9/23) of the next day. It has been a very emotional day... I cried more times then i can count (well maybe not that much). The app with Dr S was just fine but he brought up Pre-genetic testing again. Two weeks ago I got a phone call from the genetic counselor and she had come across an medical journal about the Y abnormality but on 15 (we have a 22 issue) so I told her that we are going to go by what the specialist said about this being an inert issue and not do the testing. So when Dr. S brought this up again all those emotions came flooding back. If we had some more info that this extra Y would cause miscarriage or birth defects and not that it MIGHT then we we be all for the PGT but for some reason my heart is telling me that they really don't know and everything will be alright. Making babies and having babies is never easy and we are not in the easy pile, but if I don't go with my gut i have nothing. If I am wrong well then we make some decisions later, but for now we are not going with the extra testing. Nothing is promised, not even tomorrow.
So today ended with me finally using our new homes big tub with the works! I feel better now and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. We will see how I am doing tomorrow with my first day of Clomid.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cycle Day 1

Well I made the phone call to make my Cycle day 2 appointment. Never had such a celebrating first day of my "Aunt Flo" LOL... Ohhh so excited about a 7am internal US. My goal is to check in every day for the next 30. Even on the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad days!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Well I know this does not sound like much but I started spotting today! Yea I hope this isn't just a tease spotting and it will take 4 or 5 more days to start. Wow I can't believe how close it is now. IVF here I come!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Shots and Pills

So today my meds arrived. WOW on spending $800 but I know it will be all worth it when I have that small life inside me! I can't wait to start taking the Clomid and then comes the shots. That will equal some fun times! I will have to post pics if I start becoming all bruised.
Oh I have a lot of love for Tricare, but there reason for not paying for the $800 in medicine is because my husband and I are not "having sex" to make a baby. How much bull shit is that? If it was that easy to use these meds and have sex and conceive a baby I would take it, but that isn't our deck of cards.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No worries for the worries!

So yesterday we went to see a Genetic Counselor to give us some answers about this extra Y on my husbands 22nd chromosome. They gave us NOTHING not a single answer just "well it could be".... This morning I was awoken with a phone call from the Geneticist and she had gotten word some a specialist that said the extra Y on 22 is inert. It means nothing. It wont affect our babies, it hasn't affected DH it is just there. WOW all that worrying for it to be nothing. I just feel like the last week of stress and cookie eating was something that shouldn't have even happened. Well this is life and we live and learn. I now have the most empathy for others that are in the position I was in and the emotions I felt.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Worries

This has been a very long weekend that spilled in to the week. We moved all weekend and Sunday ended up being just my husband and I. When it is a 104 degree heat index moving is not fun. So it was long days and short night. Thank god for my friend Amanda to help me clean the house we moved out of or I think I would have just given up. She said that after vacuuming her Dyson gave birth to a Goldie (our yellow dog) and a bird (from our down comforter). So glad to be in our new house but lets just say we are jinxed with AC units. So in the middle of our Sunday move guess what stops working at our new house.... Did you guess the AC? I guess it got over worked or something but a guy had to come out and fix it. So the house ended up at 90 degrees before it got to working again. What a weekend!

On to this week so far. So after more cleaning and finishing the old house Amanda and I went to the base Commissary. We always take about 3 hours to shop because we only go around pay day and we have lots of coupons. I almost matched my high of $93 worth of savings but it was only $92.60 LOL. Never has a dollar for a Sunday paper added up so quickly. Again it ended up a long day and a short night because we had to be up for a 8:30 RE appointment. Well we are on time but he is not. We waited till 10:30 to see DR S for the Mock transfer and Saline test.

OMG it hurt so badly. I guess the Saline test is a balloon filled with saline inside your UTERUS. So painful I had tears running down my face. But Dr S said that everything looked really good so no worries there...... But 15 mins before that we were given the worries.

So we were told today that my husband has an abnormality with chromosome 22. What this means we really don't know. It could mean nothing in our trying to have a healthy pregnancy or it could mean high chance of miscarriages or birth defects. We have to make an appointment with a Genetic Counselor ASAP to know how to proceed with the MINI IVF.

It has been an afternoon of crying and eating Oreos. I know it doesn't help and I have always been an emotional eater but this just feels like we can't catch a break. I am sad for my husband who I know must feel 10x more guilty for our TTC issues with this added on top and I am sad for something that I want so badly becoming so difficult.

Not much more to say till we find out more.

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