Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cycle Day 10

Well I had my US this morning. I have two good sized follies one 15 on the right and one 12 on the left and still a dozen under 10 between them. I started my Ganirelix this morning. It is made to stop the big follies from releasing and help the littles catch up! I have my next US Friday morning. At least these morning US are quick and no waiting!
I tried to get a pictured of my ovaries to show you what they look like but the DR forgot to actually take the pictures. They promised me that I can have them for Friday. Well I guess 2 good sized follies are better then nothing. I feel like my ovaries are trying to explode in my belly. I could not imagine to be going they a traditional IVF where they have like 12-15 big follies.
I am going to continue to have hope for more big follies I would like to have 6 big follies by the end of the week! Please keep my follies in your thoughts!

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