Monday, March 15, 2010

I miss my husband blues

I wouldn't say I have the "blues" but some days the emotions take over more then other days. I guess today is one of those. I guess it was writing out Tim's birthday card knowing that we wont be spending his 30th Birthday or my 29th Birthday together this year. He isn't a big party guy but it is the thought. He didn't even want anything as a gift but I sent him something anyways. When I get sad I get super lazy. I haven't folded laundry in over a week I just have a big pile of it on my love seat. I had to clean my kitchen today because I can't take it if anything smells bad even a little bit. The extra chores certainly suck big time. Picking up dog poop every Sunday is the worse. We live in a home that has professional lawn care... Which is so awesome for the next 6 months but sucks because they start complaining if the dog poop is not picked up every week. So I have to go out there and pick it up with our pooper scooper but it always stinks and that means I start gaging.. It is such a fun thing. Oh how I miss my husband. Sorry for the woe is me blog and I know so many other military wives have it so much worse I at least get to talk on the phone even for a small amount of time every day. I just miss him.

Tim's Birthday Package

Oh on another note my poor Meadow has the itchies... I took her to the vet today and she just has a skin allergy from the grass pollen, but she is on steroids for the next week and Benadryl I normally wouldn't have gotten the steroids but she is not enjoying the scratching and she is itching A LOT!!! She is such a momma's girl she wouldn't even let them take her back to be weighed without me. She is my sweet sweet baby!
My Sweet Meadow (Ignore the laundry basket in the background)

I have a new small but expensive addiction/craving I got some on Friday and ended up going back today and got a few more. I ended up buying some regular strawberries on Sunday at the commissary I think I would love to make a strawberry shortcake. That is one thing I will miss if I move from the south is the wonderful access to fruit. I got a cantaloupe, a pineapple, and I got 2lbs of strawberries for $4... They are so sweet too. So I hope the fruit will help with my sweet cravings. Sorry again about the woe is me post. I can only promise it wont be my last one for the next 6 months. XOXO

My expensive craving I have ALWAYS loved Godiva!


  1. You don't sound "woe is me" at all! I can't blame you at all for missing hubby! Especially now! Lucky you for getting a great deal on fruit. I just got a pound of the most beautiful strawberries yesterday. Yum!

  2. My cravings are strawberry's & fat free whip cream (I'm on a diet hence the fat free)! Those Godiva ones look amazing!

    Its perfectly normal for you to miss your hubby, so express those feelings anytime you need to! :)

    What did you get him for his bday?

    Hope Meadow feels better! :)


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