Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Surprise

So my wonderful cousin Lara and her beautiful daughter Devon sent me these beautiful Roses yesterday! She was just wish me congratulations on the pregnancy. We come from a LARGE group of cousins but her dad and my dad are the 2 youngest kids so we are close compared to the large group that are a lot older then us. With that I am the 2nd of the 6 of us to be pregnant (she was the first LOL) so her family is just as excited for me as my family.

This night sickness is not fun at all. Last night was a really bad night. I took a phenergren and slept for 11hrs.. Yeah that was a long night LOL ! Oh and I haven't had hot water since Friday and that finally got fixed yesterday too. It was nice to have a long warm shower.

I can't believe tomorrow is 8 weeks. Time is going nicely fast. I don't want my pregnancy to go fast but I just want my husband to be home soon. Have a wonderful Thursday. XOXO


  1. Pretty flowers! Congrats on the 8 week mark!

  2. Thanks for the colace recommend, I think it is going to save my life. And congrats on 8 weeks, I am so happy for you!


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