Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A brand new me...

OMG I had the worst stomach flu yesterday. Thank god for having phenegran because throwing up is not really good for me. My stomach just burned all day and I was constantly running to the bathroom. I felt horrible. Luckily Amanda's husband Rich brought over diet 7-up and saltines. I needed something. Well I still have my 2 special lurkers out there! :) I guess if you would like to stay private and keep reading about my life I can't be upset. I am just glad you enjoy what I have to say!
I sometimes think of myself as a not a very interesting blogger. I am so much more witty in real life. I have never been a good writer. My spelling is HORRIBLE! I decided to blog as I knew I wanted to be able to read what we had gone threw and maybe help some one else that is feeling the same.
I miss my husband every day he is away. I really could have used him yesterday to make me feel better. I felt so bad because I was so sick and he just wanted to talk to me for a little while. It is even harder with him working 12hr days. I know he will be busy and that will help it go by quickly tomorrow is one week down 23 to go!
Thank you to Jo and A who even though weren't my real lurkers or #5000 it was sweet of them to comment! XOXO


  1. I hope you feel better today!

    I think you are great blogger and love the honesty in your writing.

  2. Goodness! I hope you are feeling better! Saltines and 7-up are the best for the yucky tummy. Remember to stick to the BRAT diet for the next day or so.

    We are stationed in FL, but I have been away for my work for the past 2 months (I am almost done--yay!). I know how hard it is to be on your own, especially when you are not feeling well. I am glad you have friends to help take care of you. And I am sure your DH is relieved as well.

    Hang in there! And keep up the updates! I am thrilled for you and your DH!

  3. I hope you had a better day today!!

    I know deployments are hard. Keep your head up and know that it will be over soon.

    I think you are a great blogger too. I don't read too many blogs but I enjoy coming to yours.

    I figured I might as well introduce myself so you wouldn't think I was some crazy stalker person. :)

  4. So what is this BRAT diet? If I was home in Wisconsin I would think you would want me to eat Bratwurst.. Which I love in the summertime off the grill! LOL But I am not thinking that is what you are talking about. @ ScottiesMOM are you AD? We love being stationed here in FL.
    @ Jo No stalkers only friends!
    Thank you for thinking I am a great blogger someday I might be great for right now I'll stick to normal! :)

  5. Sarah--bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. None of it is tough on the digestive tract (my mom is a RN) and is a good way to get back on food when dealing with "tummy troubles". Saltines and ginger ale (the ginger has anti-nausea powers) are also good. Bratwurst, although tasty, is probably not a good plan!

    My husband is Active Duty in the Navy. I am a fairly new Navy wife (it took me a minute to figure out what AD meant) although he has been in for years. FL is my first PCS experience. Still working on the moving claims...and I am getting used to Tricare...tips are appreciated!

  6. SO I had toast and a banana today... I am not a big fan of applesauce and I can't really do rice because of my lapband. Well I am not sure where you came from but tricare south isn't so bad. I have always been tricare prime to not have to pay co-pays. But I am not sure how close you are to the "base" I think the navy call them ports.. LOL I only know AF LOL... But here in Tampa at Macdill we don't live close enough to the base so I see an off base PCM.. And everything I will do with an OB will be off base too. I am trying to decide which Tampa hospital to go with. I don't really have specific tips but if you have any questions you can email me. If I don't know it I can try and help you find out. Us Military Wives need to stick together!

  7. This is Sonya from Shreveport, I am lurking! :)


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