Wednesday, March 10, 2010

9pm morning sickness oh my

So I guess I am one of those... One of those that gets night time morning sickness. I don't know if the flu just triggered it but for the last 2 night at exactly 9pm I have heaved my guts out.. Sorry if that is TMI but if you have been here before I kind of always give TMI.. Last night was not so bad as I hadn't eaten much because of still recovering from Monday, but tonight was taco soup and oh my not as good coming up. Good thing or bad thing with my lap-band I don't throw up a lot I just kind of go threw the motions but there is always something that makes it threw. So anyways I am not enjoying this 9pm morning sickness.. I think it needs a new name especially when it isn't in the morning. Any thoughts?? Good night and sweet dreams anyways... XOXO


  1. So sorry to see you've been hit by the nighttime morning sickness. I always thought it was better in the morning since I was still too sleep to really care! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Sorry you are being hit with morning sickness at night. I had it,too. Actually I had it morning and night. lol. Hopefully the second trimester will be better. Mine was.

  3. Oh dear! I bet you will not want taco soup for a while! ;-)

    Keep hydrated and take care of yourself and your little bean! I hope it was just a blip in the pregnacy...

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