Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Totally Tired and scared shitless (update)

Wow what a 48 hours is has been. I have totally been MIA. Well we got here Sunday night and the flight was ummm not being able to sit next to my husband and instead sitting next to a really nice couple from DC with a 6 month old. Oh well that is the risk with Southwest! So my SIL said she wasn't ready for us to stay with her so she paid for us to stay at a Hilton by her house. Oh how sweet, Oh what a horrible night! OK imagine the nastiest porno you have ever heard about (because us good girls would have never watched a porno..LOL). That is what went on in the room next to us from 1045-I guess close to midnight. All the Oh, gods and loud screams and moans and spankings and give it me's I never want to hear again!

Then the alarm clock goes off at 4:45am as we have an hour and 15min drive to WR. We get there at 6:30am right on time I was number 22. Uggg how do people get there so early? Then they stuck me 3 times. I had a horrible tech but it is a learning Hospital and I was her guinney pig(can't spell).

So I had to pick up meds at 8am WOW the big bag of meds I was supposed to get last week that took them like forever. So we had some time as DH had an Urology App at 1pm. It would have been a beautiful day to go to the Mall in DC but it was POURING! So we decided to go check out Bolling AFB. Cute base. So little but cute. After going to the BX and the Library and giving ourselves a tour it was 11:45 we head back threw DC grab some Pot Belly and get back just in time .

We were there till 2 the waiting and app took an hour, then we headed up to pre-admission as in case DH count is not good on whatever day the ER is they might have to do the MESA. We were there till 4:30 wating for the different dr's and nurses to check him off his list.

We finally got to my SIL at 6. Well I am EXHAUSTED by now and if there was a wore that ment more tired the exhausted that would have been me. We ate dinner and I crashed on the couch sometime before House was over.

Oh wait lets back up... I get this voice mail as we are waiting for DH's check list to get filled that there will be no Menopur tonight only lupron as my E2 levels are too high... they don't know if this is a lob error as a few ladies were too high but for only being on stims for 3 days I saw my number at 1,236 so for what was to be our 1 for sure sleep in day we were up again at 5am to go have blood work done. She said if my levels stay to high (now there has been no US yet for them to know for sure what my follies look like) that they will just have to cancel the IVF.... OMG freak out. We didn't come all this way and pay all this money for this. So I wait for my 2 or 3pm phone call and see what she says. I also went from 150 gonal-f to 75 this morning. I am so worried because time is not ours. If DH wasn't so close to deploying I wouldn't care as much but what am I supposed to do it they cancel. I HATE WHAT IF's!!!!!!! I ALSO HATE PEOPLE HAVING PORNO SEX IN THE ROOM NEXT TO YOU AT A HOTEL WHEN YOU ACTUALLY NEED SLEEP!! Ok I'll update when I find something out!!!


So the Nurse called me and guess what....MY E2 is at 48... Yes 48 I am still shocked

WTF was up with my numbers yesterday who's vial did they think was mine. So that is actually Super LOW! OMG WTF

So this is a picture of what my levels should be progressing this mornings bloodwork would have been for cycle day 4 of stims. I should be alot higher then 48. But for my non IVFers lol this gives you an idea of what I am so upset about!

So tonight is 225 IU of Gonal-f and 150 Menopur and the 5 of Lupron. Wow I am expecting not a very good night sleep and lots of hot flashes which have been my worst symptom. So tomorrow morning is blood work and an US.. I will update you all tomorrow evening. Lets hope that even with my low levels we will have a good dozen follies!


  1. Girl, I would have been calling management to move me to another room! We had loud guests next to our room in Cancun and that's what I did. I hope the next labwork comes out better for you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ~ICLW

  2. Sorry it's been a rough journey! I hope everything works out so you don't have to cancel the cycle!

  3. As a non-IVF-er, all I want to say is that I admire you SO MUCH! I read your blog because you inspire me and even though I may not say the right words or understand all the terms. I offer you my support and I am cheering for you! :) Hope tomorrow is a better day!

  4. I commented last night but it's not here! hmm? anyway... just want you to know I am praying for you and rooting you on! xo

  5. Thanks for your love and support it is nice to know it might just be a slow ivf cycle @ Alison your comment just vanished so sad i hate when that happens :)


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