Saturday, January 30, 2010

So confusing

Well this morning was a super easy drive as no 6am Sat morning traffic. I had BW and US again. This was the 4th dr I saw. LOL She was nice and informative. They keep saying I am slow to respond but getting better. I will still be on 300iu Gonal-f and 4 vials of Menopur. Today I asked why she thought I was slow to responding to the injectable. When we had done IUI's with clomid I always saw 2-3 eggs and the month before we did the Mini IVF I had an egg ready to ovulate on it's own. So I am not unresponsive but she thinks that I might have a low egg reserve. The nurse assumed I had PCO ovaries but I have never been diagnosed PCOS and I have not had the symptoms of PCOS. So it is just confusing and I am not really sure if there is a test to see how many eggs I have in my ovaries.
I am proud of me as i didn't break down and cry when she told us this... I wanted to and I am totally a crier but i didn't. I joked with DH if this doesn't work because my eggs do not seem to do anything right we are going to adopt a child from Haiti. We were never told we might have an issue with my eggs so this is a little more heartbreaking. Especially with losing 45lbs since last year.
The Dr called and said my E2 levels are up and looking good so WOO HOO for sleeping in tomorrow!

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