Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Timeline

So a few days we got our more specific timeline. I have to get my first baseline appointment on the 18th but with DH deployment prep I will be going to WR by myself but just for the weekend. Then to come home for the week and both head up there for our appointments on the 25th. I still hate the thought of them taking blood almost every day as I have horrible veins! So the lupron isn't too bad so far. No major or minor side affects. Monday will be my last BC pill and so it will be just the synthroid in the morning and Lupron at night. I found out my progesterone will be a inter muscular shot in my hip or booty LOL this is not a fun thing as DH might be gone before these shots are done. WTH am I going to do then. I am very lucky to have friends that will help, but it is just the beginning of things he will not be here for.
I am sad for the things he will miss if we conceive and I am sad for the thoughts of having to be alone if we do not.

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