Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cycle Day 2

Well this morning started at 6am (9/22) and it is now 1am(9/23) of the next day. It has been a very emotional day... I cried more times then i can count (well maybe not that much). The app with Dr S was just fine but he brought up Pre-genetic testing again. Two weeks ago I got a phone call from the genetic counselor and she had come across an medical journal about the Y abnormality but on 15 (we have a 22 issue) so I told her that we are going to go by what the specialist said about this being an inert issue and not do the testing. So when Dr. S brought this up again all those emotions came flooding back. If we had some more info that this extra Y would cause miscarriage or birth defects and not that it MIGHT then we we be all for the PGT but for some reason my heart is telling me that they really don't know and everything will be alright. Making babies and having babies is never easy and we are not in the easy pile, but if I don't go with my gut i have nothing. If I am wrong well then we make some decisions later, but for now we are not going with the extra testing. Nothing is promised, not even tomorrow.
So today ended with me finally using our new homes big tub with the works! I feel better now and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep. We will see how I am doing tomorrow with my first day of Clomid.

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