Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Worries

This has been a very long weekend that spilled in to the week. We moved all weekend and Sunday ended up being just my husband and I. When it is a 104 degree heat index moving is not fun. So it was long days and short night. Thank god for my friend Amanda to help me clean the house we moved out of or I think I would have just given up. She said that after vacuuming her Dyson gave birth to a Goldie (our yellow dog) and a bird (from our down comforter). So glad to be in our new house but lets just say we are jinxed with AC units. So in the middle of our Sunday move guess what stops working at our new house.... Did you guess the AC? I guess it got over worked or something but a guy had to come out and fix it. So the house ended up at 90 degrees before it got to working again. What a weekend!

On to this week so far. So after more cleaning and finishing the old house Amanda and I went to the base Commissary. We always take about 3 hours to shop because we only go around pay day and we have lots of coupons. I almost matched my high of $93 worth of savings but it was only $92.60 LOL. Never has a dollar for a Sunday paper added up so quickly. Again it ended up a long day and a short night because we had to be up for a 8:30 RE appointment. Well we are on time but he is not. We waited till 10:30 to see DR S for the Mock transfer and Saline test.

OMG it hurt so badly. I guess the Saline test is a balloon filled with saline inside your UTERUS. So painful I had tears running down my face. But Dr S said that everything looked really good so no worries there...... But 15 mins before that we were given the worries.

So we were told today that my husband has an abnormality with chromosome 22. What this means we really don't know. It could mean nothing in our trying to have a healthy pregnancy or it could mean high chance of miscarriages or birth defects. We have to make an appointment with a Genetic Counselor ASAP to know how to proceed with the MINI IVF.

It has been an afternoon of crying and eating Oreos. I know it doesn't help and I have always been an emotional eater but this just feels like we can't catch a break. I am sad for my husband who I know must feel 10x more guilty for our TTC issues with this added on top and I am sad for something that I want so badly becoming so difficult.

Not much more to say till we find out more.

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