Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am just so tired... This being a human incubator stuff can wear a person out. I started watching a 4yr old boy last week Monday and things were going fine but yesterday he showed his bad tantrum throwing screaming side. Wow did my stress level go threw the roof. I am not sure what to do . Tim agrees that if i feel like he is going to stress me out or if his tantrums could hurt me that the money is not worth it. Plus as I mentioned I am so tired. He leaves next week so I am slowly becoming more and more an emotional mess!
We went and saw Valentines Day last night. It was a sweet movie. A little long but sweet. I cried, I won't tell you what happened and is wasn't sad it was extremely sweet but I CRIED! I don't want him to leave and I try not to say those words out loud as I have no control over him leaving or not so at least for a few more days I will try to be the strong military wife. XOXO


  1. His deployment will come and go so fast! Be strong, and positive, and everything will be ok:)


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