Wednesday, February 3, 2010

35 hours and counting.....

So I had 18 eggs this morning and they "found" 2 more on my left side so what did have 5 now has 7... WOW I think little miss lefty has a few more I hope she is hiding behind my "beautiful" uterus! I only say this as I have been told this with the last 3 US by 3 different dr's so it gives me hope that this beautiful uterus will want to carry a child! I am not sure what makes one more beautiful then another on a black and white ultra sound screen. Well husband gave me HCG at 9:30pm on the nose so Friday will be the big morning.

I had a really sweet dr( I wish I knew her name) she gave me 3 US at different times threw out the last few days and she printed a pictures of Mr. Right Ovary.

This is my Right ovary on DRUGS any questions!
If you go to my Cycle Day 12 when I was on clomid and Follistim you will see what Mr. Righty looked like then... BIG differance!
Time for bed... Blood work at 630am!


  1. YAY! Mr. Right Ovary!
    Keep up the good work for my dear friend! xoxo!


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