Monday, February 22, 2010

No more needles!

Well I guess with a HCG of 119 the IVF nurse called me and I am switching to suppositories. Whoo Hoo for no more needles. I just can't take anymore shots in my buttocks.
So has anybody noticed anything new about my blog??
So I have been reading Dear John and I just got to the point of him leaving to go back overseas when i was waiting at quest today and I totally had to shut the book. I am a TOTAL crier. and I am not a small tears running down my cheeks crier but sobs and sobs kind of crier. LOL
I had one of these yesterday morning. My parents are my mom and step-dad. It was my step-dad that was here for 4 weeks to stay with our dog, he is that wonderful of a father. But with their love comes extra family. Things 5 years ago became rocky between us all and it has been a slow climb back to becoming family.
I have 2 Step-sister and 1 Step-brother and they have big families. Well my SB and his wife had a baby girl in sept they have 2 other girls. Well on Sunday she was baptized now for some reason not being invited affected me 100x worse then ever before. I guess maybe because Christmas went well and we all got along I thought things were turning a new leaf. So to not get an invitation or a call I just felt like an outsider of their side of the family again. I know we could not be there but I would have liked to be able to send a card or a gift. So I called my mom Sunday morning and asked why she thought we weren't invited she said they weren't called till a few days before and were told they didn't have to come to the church if they didn't want to.... I mean they are the grandparents. Now my mom is not big on going to church after going threw a very judging time but she isn't against it.
I just feel very frustrated by it. It feels like they don't have to care if we want to be involved or not. I know it is hard being 1600 miles from them all but I am still there Facebook friend and they have my phone number. It just really hurt to not be invited.
Now I am just waiting for my beta #2 test results! XOXO

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  1. Oh Families! Love them and don't understand them. I don't know if its much of a comfort but try living in the same state and no more than 30 miles apart and not get invited to certain family events. It was that way our whole growing up, so home they left my dad out of stuff. Luckily my mom who is a super positive woman taught us all how to roll with it and just be social with them as we want to be. If we see them say hi and if we have a good time with them at a party enjoy their company...expect nothing and hold no grudge. That's how we do it. It's gotten better now that they are older (70s) they are all closer. Its weird I know :)


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