Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A day of ultrasound

So the morning started out early with the AC repair man coming over to fix the dripping in to the house AC.... It is still dripping so IDK what he fixed.. LOL
Then I went to go look at a few homes for sale and for rent. Well we are staying renters! We found (with the help of Tracy) this beautiful 3/2 home for only $75 more dollars then what we are paying for this house falling apart around us!
Then it was off to USF-IVF clinic DH and i both had US today. I am used to getting mine he has never had one down there on his before. He only had the Tech in the room, I had him the 2 interns and the DR.. Everybody got a peek of my lady parts but it was a good US. The dr says I have a Bicornuate uterus, commonly referred to as a heart-shaped uterus. He said at this time there is nothing to worry about. It is quite common. Well he also said I have a 18mm sized egg in my right overie so I will be ovulating in the next 48hrs. He also said it looks like my left overie might be attached to my uterus from some scar tissue. Dr S said it wasn't a worry just something to be aware of. So everything seems to be looking normal on my side of the coin. So on the 11th we meet with Dr. S again and decide about doing the Mini-IVF I have so much hope that everything is falling in to place. I should work on trying to lose 5 more pounds over the month but I have just been a bit lazy. Well it has been a busy day!


  1. Good luck with your Mini-IVF (if you go that route)! I had it done in NY at New Hope Fertility Clinic in June. I became pregnant, but just started my miscarriage this week. I'm OK though! I have so much hope and great confidence from the doctors. I've been blogging about my fertility adventures over the past couple of weeks if you're interested.


  2. Sarah, I cannot wait to read about your journey! Congrats on the potential new home as well :)

  3. Kristen,
    I read your blog and i understand how getting pregnant can seem like it should be so easy and when everything is right with us when we find out it is our husbands it feels like a 180. We have a RE in Tampa that is doing the Mini-IVF and like yourself not having an egg issues and having taken clomid before I am so excited. Good luck with baby egg #2. We are going to have them implant 2 because i don't mind the thought of having twins.
    Let me know how the 2nd implant goes.
    Take care and thank you for making it feel that I am not alone.


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