Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Busy day with more waiting

Well I didn't sleep well last night as you noticed my post in the middle of the night. I started the day with an interview with the US Census. I tested for this interview in may and only got the call for the Management interview last week. The interview went OK. I don't think the people who actually interviewed me will be hiring me because all 3 of them wrote down notes on how I answered every question. They said that i wouldn't be called till September and wouldn't have any training till October. WOW gotta love hurry up and wait!
On to the second part of my day the visit to the RE. If you have done fertility treatments before you know the wait. Today was 45 mins not to bad. LOL So with talking to Dr S he says if we are in with doing the Mini IVF he is looking at us as good candidates. He said because I still have 2 more tests to have done we wont be doing it with the August period we will be doing it with September. That will be a baby due in June. This was a little hard to hear as I don't want to wait anymore but I understand not rushing. I will still need a saline test (a catheter that will inject a sterile saline solution (salt water) into your uterus will be inserted into your vagina. This solution helps to expand your uterus even more, thereby increasing the visibility and allowing for a very detailed look at your reproductive organs.) This just gives them an extra look at my beautiful heart shaped uterus. Also I am going to get a Mock Transfer- This test is where a thin catheter is inserted into the uterus to measure its depth and also to determine how to insert the catheter with the greatest ease during the real transfer. Don't they both just sound the most fun.
Dr. S also said that I will be taking both Clomid and Follistim help produce the eggs. With the Follistim he said i shouldn't have lining issues.
I had really hoped to do this ASAP meaning in AUG so to have to wait a whole nother month puts me in a sad place. I hate waiting!!!

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