Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday night

So I think I need to blog more. Get my thoughts and things that I did out there. You guys seem to enjoy reading.
So here I am as I just got back from getting a new steam vac from Walmart because my friends daughter threw up on my floor yesterday and I can still smell it. Maybe a normal person can't but being pregnant I can! So I went to the YMCA and went swimming today. That was a lot of fun. I need a new swimsuit ASAP! Being tall and heavier doesn't help then tend to be too low cut!
So after getting the Vac I stopped and got a chicken sandwich meal. Is it sad or bad that all I did was eat the fries?!?! Sorry some kid in some country that is starving you could have my chicken sandwich if I could give it too you... it has honey mustard on it....
So tomorrow I have my CVS ultrasound. No visit with my OB but just the US with the fetal medicine specialist. I am not extremely worried but with Tim having the chromosome issue I just want to be aware on how my baby is doing plus it is another chance to see "Timette" as my mom calls it. So now I am going to put the steam vac together and do the spot on my carpet.. cross your fingers the smell goes away! Otherwise my scentbots will be working overtime! XOXO

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  1. Oh yes, the pregnancy nose. I still have that hyper sense of smell. Yuck. :) They just built a brand new YMCA down the street from us and it has this really neat splash pad for the kids. I'm guessing I just need to get off my lazy butt and get a membership there. I'm excited that you get to see the baby today! Yay!! Have a fabulous weekend!!


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