Friday, April 23, 2010

Peachy baby but not a peachy week

So today is week 13 so baby and I are doing well but I have had an emotional roller coaster week.
Next weekend I turn 29 and I was supposed to go to my SIL wedding but I am not going to now. I ended up very emotional after finding out because I am not in the wedding that I wasn't invited to the rehearsal dinner. I have a complex of not being wanted and this lit a fire of that feeling and I just didn't know how to react but cry all week.
My husband not being here called his sister and found out it was because her in-law's to be were very strict on who was going to be at this dinner and there was no way around it. My SIL had first told me it was because they couldn't afford it but I found out my FIL offered to pay for me to be part of the dinner but they wouldn't back down. It shows me how much love my In-laws have for me.
But it took till Thursday night to find these things out and knowing how emotionally worked up I got over the week I knew I just couldn't go to the wedding without risking something setting me off emotionally again and I know this is not good for the baby. So instead of more worry and more stress of going I decided that I am not going to. I am going to just do something for myself next weekend and try to de-stress and ground myself! XOXO
This is Timette yesterday on my second take CVS scan the Dr said I am low risk with this first scan. Yeah for good news!


  1. It is ridiculous that you were not invited to the rehearsal dinner. First, there is no rule that only wedding party is at the RD. Second, you are a nice person. Third, it clearly was not $$ related. Fourth, you are pregnant and your spouse is deployed. I hope this is not a prelude of things to come for your SIL with her new inlaws...that it is just wedding madness.

    Take care of yourself and the little one. A good Netflix and some quiet time is not a bad way to spend the weekend!

  2. Thanks. Your reasons are exactly why I took myself out of the madness. I didn't want feelings of resentment. i already have emotions I can't control. So I am going to have an enjoyable weekend no matter what I do. Thanks!


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