Monday, December 14, 2009

About to start christmas

Our Christmas last for 2 weeks always a week with Dh family and a week with mine. WOW I can't imagine all the presents and food that the next 2 weeks will be filled with. I hope to not gain any weight during the season. Oh well diets can start next year. Being on the synthroid doesn't make me feel any different and I am so glad for that. Agggg how I will miss my bed.
Have I ever told you I hate packing? I really do. I ALWAYS forget something, a few times it is socks for DH, other times it has been toothbrushes, hairbrushes, underwear for DH... I never forget my stuff as I do the packing.
So I am not excited to be starting my Birth Control some time this week. Remembering 2 pills every morning is not my cup of tea but it is a start to the cycle starting. Whoo Hoo
Have a Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. i hate packing too! When I packed the DH and I to go to his Grandmother's funeral, I forgot to pack his suit pants. AND he was a pall bearer. Of course I didn't realize this until an hour before the funeral. After that, I am no longer allowed to pack his clothes. And that 's fine by me. That way if something is forgotten, it's HIS fault not mine. Ha ha!


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