Monday, November 16, 2009

Great News at 7:45am!

So this morning was an early awakening. Let me just say I am not a morning person at all! Morning usually starts at 11am. LOL
Well this morning started with an early 7:45am phone call from a number I didn't know. It was the IVF center at Walter Reed saying they had gotten our referral letter and test results from my RE Dr. S and that she was sending me a packet for step two and that we are on schedule for doing IVF with them in January..... OMG WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .
I am excited beyond belief. I was getting worried we were cutting it to close. Knowing that Dr. S was pretty sure we were going to need ICSI I was extra worried as there are only 30 slots for ICSI at the WR Military Medical Facility.
Next is trying to get my husband a permissible TDY so he doesn't have to take leave. We are super lucky my SIL lives in MD so we will have somewhere to stay and have the extra expense of hotel.
I am just so excited and so happy and feeling like a huge weight is off my shoulders. What a way to start Monday!


  1. That is great news to start a Monday! Yay! I hope all goes well with the cycle!

  2. This will be very helpful with getting threw the holidays. Thanks for all the well wishes I am so EXCITED if you can't tell!

  3. Such wonderful news! I'm so happy for you guys! YAY!!!!


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